Wellx launches holistic Ramadan wellness solution

Insurtech platform Wellx has unveiled its latest initiative called the "Sunrise to Sunset: Ramadan Recharge" program. The program — integrated with the core principles of Wellx — encompasses insurance, fitness, nutrition, mental health, and overall wellbeing in a 30-day regimen. It aims to boost wellness among corporate entities and their employees during the holy month of Ramadan.

Why does it matter?

The "Ramadan Recharge" program comes as a response to the pressing need for businesses to prioritize the health and wellbeing of their workforce, particularly during Ramadan — while ensuring sustained productivity levels. Recognizing the unique challenges posed by fasting and altered routines, Wellx aims to provide support to corporates navigating this terrain.

Participants in the initiative will have access to personalized fitness plans, nutrition guidance, mental health resources, and daily wellbeing challenges — all designed to support them throughout their wellbeing journey during Ramadan.

Also, with a focus on the holy month of Ramadan, Wellx seeks to resonate with the entire fasting community — offering a pathway to improved health and spiritual fulfillment. This initiative underscores a commitment to boosting healthier habits, enhancing productivity, and enriching the quality of life, aligning with the cultural importance of Ramadan in the UAE.

How does it work?

A highlight of the program is its personalized approach, aligning each activity with the essence of the season. From fasting-friendly recipes to mindfulness exercises made for Ramadan, the program ensures participants can fully engage in their wellbeing journey while honoring their religious practices.

Participants will benefit from features such as logging daily fasts, accessing accurate prayer and fasting times based on their emirate, precise suhoor and iftar timings, and motivational quotes provided within the app. Furthermore, a wealth of informative videos and articles related to nutrition, movement, and other essential aspects of Ramadan will be available to aid participants in maintaining their health and managing stress during this sacred month.

To infuse an element of friendly competition, the program includes the Wellx 5,000 Steps Challenge - "Footprints to Faith" — where participants stand a chance to win a Wellx Day by consistently completing 5,000 steps for 20 days out of 30.

This challenge not only encourages physical activity but also introduces participants to the holistic approach to health and insurance offered by the Wellx platform. Active participation and goal achievement within the app allow users to earn X-coins, enhancing their insurance experience and providing access to a wide range of health-related services and products.

Moreover, the month-long program offers advantages for corporates, showcasing their commitment to employee health and wellness. By participating, businesses can cultivate a positive work culture, boost employee morale and engagement, ultimately leading productivity, retention, and organisational success while managing healthcare costs effectively.

On the record

"The Ramadan Recharge Program is purpose-built to equip businesses with a holistic program that caters to the diverse needs of their employees, promoting physical health, mental resilience, and overall wellness," said Vaibhav Kashyap, CEO and co-founder at Wellx.

"The Ramadan Recharge Program presents corporations with a valuable opportunity to reprioritize the health and happiness of their workforce, ultimately driving productivity, retention, and overall organizational success along with managing healthcare costs," added Javed Akberali, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Wellx.

The context

The Ramadan Wellness Program stands as an exclusive opportunity for Wellx users to enrich their journey during this sacred month. By integrating fitness, nutrition, and mental health activities, participants will experience a holistic approach to wellness tailored to the essence of Ramadan.

As an Insurtech company, Wellx remains committed to upgrading the insurance era, showcasing the interconnectedness of healthcare, wellbeing, and insurance in boosting healthier, happier, and more resilient workforces.


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