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Join our Premium Membership program to get unrestricted access to our growing database of Digital Health companies in the MENA region. The membership also includes access to our reports, providing industry intelligence, the outlook of key players, their products and services, and more — making sure YOU get to save time and money while potentially opening new opportunities for growth.

The Big Picture

You have probably heard that the digital health market is booming. In the U.S. alone, companies raised $15.3 billion in 2022, according to Rock Health. The same source has found that $6.1 billion was invested in the first half of 2023.

And it's not just an American thing only. Another source, StartUp Health, claims that a total of $23.3 billion was invested in digital health companies across the world in 2022!

digital health

Our goal is to provide you with useful information through our database of companies, investors, and accelerators so that you, too, could participate, compete, and/or enter the emerging Digital Health market in the MENA region. We also offer reports and more. Read on for details...

What's This All About?

DH Arab Premium MembershipDHArab Premium Membership is our comprehensive offering that is geared toward different groups, including startups, investors, pharmaceutical and companies from the broader healthcare industry.

It will benefit both MENA-based entities and those looking to enter one of the growing markets in the region. Notably, we are seeing an influx of various businesses eyeing lucrative government contracts in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.

DHArab Premium Membership includes 3 major parts:

  1. Unrestricted access to our ever-growing database of digital health companies, investors, and accelerators
  2. Access our Digital Health reports covering a few segments of this fast-growing market
  3. Ability to ask us any question, and we'll do the research for you

Here are the details:

1. Database

The core of DHArab Premium Membership, our database provides you with access to our ever-growing database of all important players in the digital health market in MENA. The database includes the list of:
  • Digital health companies based in MENA
  • Investors funding digital health companies
  • Accelerators & incubators supporting innovators in their early stages

For all of them, we provide the basic contact information as well as links to key people and their LinkedIn profiles - so you can more easily connect with them. You can easily search and sort our database.

For companies, we also show our manually added highlights that will help you figure out whether a company is a good potential partner for you.

Finally, you can add any company, investor or accelerator to your list of Favorites to easily access them afterward. This makes it easier to organize your research efforts.

2. Reports

Introduction to Digital Health

Introduction to Digital Health

Companies & Technologies Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry

This report provides a comprehensive overview of digital health technologies and key players you need to know in order to successfully compete (or work) in this market. It also explains the key terms so you could better understand how the market works. Also detailed are the digital health efforts of the Big Tech firms.

"Introduction to Digital Health" has more than 100 pages and covers over 70 companies.

Regular price: $149. Included in this offer!

Senior Care 2.0

Senior Care 2.0

Digital Health Technologies Transforming Senior Care

This report provides a comprehensive outlook of digital health technologies used to improve the care of the elderly. It also explores solutions seniors could rely on to stay independent for longer.

The report highlights:

Regular price: $149. Included in this offer!

Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain in Healthcare

Decentralized Computing Changing the Industry

This report provides a comprehensive outlook and analysis of blockchain technologies used to improve the healthcare industry. It explores different scenarios, solutions and new approaches that could have a big impact in healthcare.

The report highlights:

Regular price: $149. Included in this offer!

XR in Healthcare

XR in Healthcare

Immersive Therapy, Education and More

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality have just recently started entering the healthcare space, and they are already showing promising results. The technology (or technologies) will be applied to multiple areas, enabling more immersive experiences for both patients and doctors (think: surgical education). It is being used as a (distraction) tool in pain management, recovery, dealing with stress, and more.

With more than 200 pages and over 100 companies mentioned, this report covers it all.

Regular price: $149. Included in this offer!

...and more reports are in works (and will be included as part of your Membership).

Some of the subjects we will be covering in future reports include medication management and adherence, patient engagement, mental health, sleep tech, genomics, gamificaton, disease-specific topics, fitness & wellness, and more.

3. Ask us anything

Want us to research a digital health company for you? How about a specific sector of the industry?

As a DHArab Premium Member, you get to ask us anything about digital health, and we'll do our best to help you. We do have some limits, but we will definitely try to help.

We want this part of the service to feel like your personal digital health consultant for the MENA region.

All It Takes Is a Single Idea...

You can hardly remove yourself from the digital health revolution. Whether you're a health professional, software developer, advocate or a government employee -- this emerging trend is hard to miss. Heck, at some point, all of us will experience (and benefit from) digitized healthcare as patients.

Our membership will help you get to know the market. You'll learn about all the key players in MENA, specific segments of the digital health market, new and emerging technologies, and you'll also get to ask us questions related to digital health in the region.

All it takes is a single idea to help you:

  • Find a partner
  • Get a new client
  • Bring your business to the (MENA) region
  • Start a new project or company
  • Get a new (better) job

That single idea alone will easily justify your purchase of our report(s).

There is really nothing to lose and so much to gain. Or so we think. And again, we invite you try us out.

Is This The Offer For You?

DHbriefs Premium Membership is made for today's busy people; let us mention a few big groups:

Major device makers have already found their place in the growing MENA market and are growing their presence across the region. This is especially true with the rich GCC countries, where these companies are eyeing lucrative government contracts. Finding local digital health partners could help them score even more deals.

Both global and local VC funds are looking for new opportunities to invest in, with local players having the mandate to support innovation in the region. We can help them identify startups, forge new partnerships, and overall find a better way to spread their bets.

On the other hand, startups will get to learn new things and go through our list of investors and accelerators with a track record of investing in digital health. Not all investors make bets in this sector, so it's good to have a list of those that are worth pursuing.

You probably already know Big Pharma is investing millions in digital health technologies. After all, it is easier and more affordable to launch a digital therapeutic than develop a brand new drug with all the lab work and trials, let alone regulatory requirements, that come included with a brand new drug launch.

Digital health apps and services provide insurance companies and other payors with tools they could offer to their customers so they could lead healthier lives. As a result, payors get to save money and offer better, more personalized services -- i.e. the more you walk every day, the lower premium you end up paying. Ultimately, such incentives also lead to better outcomes.

And that's not all...


We are also confident that our reports will help other parties, including (but not limited to):

  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs)
  • Software developers looking to join this fast-growing market
  • Healthcare business analysts
  • Savvy physicians looking to familiarize themselves with modern technologies
  • Government-employed healthcare professionals
  • Job seekers looking for new opportunities and/or better paid jobs
  • The NGO sector involved in the healthcare space

As well as for everyone else looking to advance his/her career by being ahead of the curve.

But don't take our word for it. Here's what some of our clients have said about reports:

"As a mid-level manager in a relatively small pharmaceutical company, I'm trying to read as much information as I can - so I could advance in my career and even change jobs. Yes, I get a ton of material from our corporate Intranet but all of it is organized in some strange way. I prefer going through your reports on my iPad - they provide me with structured information and I'm honestly now better prepared for what lies ahead. Thanks!"
Jonathan Brown London, UK
"I work for at a major Medicare Advantage Plan and honestly, I never thought I'll need or want to get a report from a third party. At our company, they send us more brochures and information than any human can possibly comprehend. But I decided to try your Premium Membership, and I'm glad I made the move. Now I much better understand up and coming technologies that will be relevant for my work in the next few years. I also like the way how reports are structured which makes them easy to grasp."
Jennifer Wilson Massachusetts, USA
"Me and my web dev team were looking to enter the digital health market but didn't know where to start. We've searched the internet and read all we could but it was overwhelming and hard to grasp. Your [Senior Care 2.0] report helped us select the niche we want to compete in and now we're back in development mode with our first product launching in 6 months. Thanks a ton. Well worth the money!"
David Zielinski Krakow, Poland

The main idea behind of DHArab Premium Membership is to provide you with information and data that will save time and money and open new opportunities for you.

We did the research, spent hours and hours consolidating all the different information, and summed it all up for you. We are sure you have more important things to do - why bother with research when you can have everything delivered to your iPad, computer, or whichever device you happen to use.

While we're sure you have your own sources, we are sure you will appreciate our work as well. We took an extra effort to analyze and synthesize all the data, so you get only the good stuff.

There is no doubt that digital health technologies are booming. The question is not whether you should get "in"; the question is, can you afford NOT to?  Sign up for our membership and never look back. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

What Is NOT Included...

We gave you the general idea what to expect from the membership; let us briefly talk about what's not included:

We've tried our best to minimize those though we're sure there is always room for improvements.

There are other reports offering forecast, we're not about that. Rather we aim to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the market (sub)segment and key players.

We don't imagine our membership we'll help you grow your business tenfold or even solve any particular problem. You will get new ideas, learn about the market, technologies, key players, and more.

And if you don't like what you're getting - you can always ask for a refund (though we'll doubt this will be the case). 😉

Our Promise

We strive for excellence, and are looking to have happy customers. In that sense, our promise includes:

✔️ Instant Access
Once purchased, you will be able to instantly access our database, download research briefs as Acrobat (PDF) files, and ask us any question related to digital health in MENA.

✔️ Updates
We are constantly updating our database with new companies, investors, accelerators, and incubators. And we do the same with our reports, which are refreshed whenever we catch new, relevant information. As part of the deal, you get all these updates as long as you're a member.

✔️ Money-Back Guarantee
You get a full 60 days (2 months) to determine whether our membership provides benefits for you. If you don't like it, ask for a refund, and we'll get you your cash back. It's that easy!

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