Popular cancer-education website launches in Arabic

The Zahra Breast Cancer Association and Nestle Health Science have launched an Arabic version of a well-known website, "My Cancer My Nutrition," to educate patients, survivors, and their families about proper nutrition and care.

The agreement was signed in Jeddah by Hanadi Alouthah, CEO of the association, and Robert Helou, CEO of Nestle Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman. Also present were Hanzade Yaz, Nestle's business executive officer for the region and Dr. Omar Iskandarani, oncology consultant at King Abdulaziz University Hospital, as well as a few cancer survivors, who participated in a panel discussion at the event.

How does it work?

My Cancer My Nutrition is an online platform to help patients, their loved ones and caregivers learn about the topics and seek support.

Originally launched at the end of 2021 (in English), the website was developed with healthcare providers to offer information and support at every phase of the disease, from diagnosis to beginning treatment and ending treatment. Areas covered include coping with side effects, food & nutrition, well-being, and routine.

The website offers in-depth information as well as quick tips for trying to improve nutritional levels during loss of appetite, nausea, mouth soreness, difficulty chewing or swallowing, changes in taste and more.

My Cancer My Nutrition also provides information for caregivers on their mental well-being, as well as how to safely prepare meals for someone with an immune-compromised system and how to cook fresh foods to ensure the highest nutritional levels possible.

On the record

"We are pleased to sign this strategic partnership with Nestle Health Science, as it reflects our commitment to providing a broader range of healthcare services to our beneficiaries," said Dr. Suad bint Mohamed Bin-Amer, founder of the association. "Through 'My Cancer My Nutrition' platform, our patients will be able to learn about nutrition needs during treatment and how to manage treatment side effects that could affect how well you eat... Eating the right kinds of foods during and after treatment can help you feel better and stay stronger."

"Both Nestle KSA and Zahra NGO are deeply committed to improving public health and supporting the local community. This shared vision creates a strong foundation for collaboration," added Robert Helou, CEO of Nestle Saudi Arabia. "We are committed to supporting Zahra's initiatives aimed at increasing healthcare awareness and knowledge about the procedures and preventive measures that can and will provide a healthier future for all women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

The context

Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 emphasizes the importance of improving public health and quality of life, and the website would contribute to these national objectives.

Nutrition is a particularly important element since cancer patients can be at a high risk for malnutrition. In fact, patients with some types of cancer can have an up to 85% risk.

The Zahra Breast Cancer Association's strategic plan for cancer control in Saudi Arabia includes 5 main sectors: health education, early detection, training, patient support, and research.


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