Bayer, Emirates Society of Ophthalmology team up to transform eye care

Bayer has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Emirates Society of Ophthalmology (ESO) to advance eye care solutions for patients.

The innovative project, named RAFEK - Your Companion to See Happiness, puts patients at the helm — harnessing the power of data to bridge gaps in their ophthalmology journey and optimize treatment outcomes.

What's the plan?

The five-year plan for the project encompasses three defined sequential phases, addressing patient gaps — lack of disease awareness, late referrals, and poor adherence — in addition to concerns of Retina Specialists/Endocrinologists, such as lack of channels and social forums or seminars for insights generation and knowledge-sharing with patients.

The project will encompass periodic patient seminars, the establishment of the first-of-its-kind patient organization, and then ultimately the creation of a digital hub.

On the record

"Bayer is extremely honored to have entered a strategic partnership with such an esteemed organization. The terms of the MoU and our desired outcomes closely align with Bayer's overarching vision 'Health for All. Hunger for None' and our undying commitment to creating a world where everyone can access the resources and care they need to lead a healthy life," said Hugo Hagen, Senior Bayer Representative and Country Division Head Pharmaceutical Bayer Middle East. "Retinal diseases represent a significant global burden and remain a key focus area for Bayer - we are committed to supporting patients with age/diabetes-related and other retinal diseases. Establishing RAFEK, UAE's First Ophthalmic National Patient Organization, is a tremendous milestone, and I am certain that our efforts are dedicated to empowering the patient community and elevating treatment outcomes."

"Being the national platform of ophthalmologists in UAE, we are consistently working to ensure the provision of excellence in eye care by supporting the ophthalmology community," added Sheikha Dr Noura Al Qassimi, President of the Emirates Society of Ophthalmology. "We are proud to have entered a partnership with Bayer and truly believe that RAFEK, this nationwide patient-centric project, will serve to boost the level of awareness and ophthalmic care in the nation and empower patients to have a greater voice in shaping their patient journey."


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