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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said that the Middle East can be the new Europe, but when it comes to digital health and biotech, the region has a long way to go.

In fact, all kinds of digital health technologies (including biotech) are among the top 3 industries VCs invest in Europe and also in other parts of the world. European cities like Barcelona, Vienna, Paris, London, and Geneva have established local digital health clusters, fostering ecosystems of innovation and collaboration. In addition, there are EU-wide organizations supporting the digital health revolution, such as European Connected Health Alliance, and Digital Health Europe Consortium.

That is not the case in the Middle East and North Africa, and we want to help change that.

A catalyst for innovation

DHArab was created to be the premier online destination for Digital Health in the MENA region, serving startups, investors, and the general public.

As such, it aims to help catalyze innovation in the space, educating people and providing the latest digital health news along with the most detailed (and growing) database of all the digital health players in the MENA region.

Similar websites exist for other parts of the world, covering either entire countries or cities. There is also an EU-wide initiative for digital health.

DHArab wants to be that for the Middle East and North Africa.

How will DHArab make money?

The main idea behind any project is to make it self-sustainable, and we also want that for DHArab. Our revenue model includes the following components:

  1. Membership - the main source of revenue that would allow the site to be self-sustainable. It will offer access to our database of companies, investors and accelerators, as well as the ability for users to ask us digital health-related questions. Also, it will provide access to our reports.
  2. Jobs marketplace - once launched, it will charge companies to post jobs.
  3. Sponsorships - from healthcare organizations/corporations and perhaps from the government bodies as part of the Vision 2030 plan.
  4. Offering select third-party products & services for commission - Affiliate marketing model, already available through our "Tools" section

It is our belief that this revenue mix will help the site become profitable in less than 2 years.

Where are we now?

We have built the underlying infrastructure for news and the database, which currently has more than 300 entries and it keeps growing.

Beyond basic information about every company, we also include other details that we manually have to find and add, such as:

  • Key people
  • Highlights about the company's offering, background, and more
  • Video demonstration of their product or service (if available)
  • Awards and recognitions
  • News about the company

Investors and accelerators lack some of these details, but they do show users the list of companies they invested in. Information about key people is there, as well.

Aside from database, we also regularly publish our newsletter (weekly) and share the site updates through our social media channels on LinkedIn and Twitter.

What's next?

The next parts would include:

  • Additional work on the sales funnel and preparation of additional sales material.
  • The Jobs feature will be introduced that would allow users to post jobs for a fee. Initially, it may be available for free to users to post jobs, and we would later charge for that.
  • Further promotion of the website, mostly through LinkedIn.
  • Finding affiliates to promote the membership program.
  • Other promotional activities, including finding sponsors for the site.
  • Develop educational materials to educate the general public.

It is our goal to finish all development work by the end of this year, probably much earlier, and then focus on promotional activities later.

We need your help!

We at are not from the region, but we see the great potential in MENA. Compared to North America and Europe, people in MENA are younger, and there is also a lot of optimism and willingness to change. The money is there as well, especially in the GCC countries.

We need funding and help with finding sponsors. Specifically, we are looking to raise $228,000 or $9,500 per month to cover the salaries of two people, software licenses, hosting, and other costs for 2 years.

The partner would also help us spread the word about DHArab so that in a year from the investment, we will be known in the MENA region as THE premier source of digital health information.

What do we offer?

Here's what's in it for you:

  • 24% of the new company we'll form together somewhere in the region.
  • If you need help finding new digital health companies to invest in, we'll help you out.
  • We'll provide regular weekly reporting. Here's an example of how that reporting could look like (a simple Google Sheet).
  • You will also help your country position itself as a digital health hub with global aspirations.
  • We could set our max figure in the event of exit. So, at some point, if you help us sell DHArab for more than that figure - you get the rest.
  • Finally - here's our pitch deck.

That's about it.

Let's start a conversation

If you're interested in helping us out, please call us at +381641345526, reach out to us through LinkedIn, or send us a message through the form on this page.

Sincerely, Team