Cognizant launches first set of healthcare LLMs on Google Cloud

As part of an expanded partnership announced last August, Cognizant has launched the first set of healthcare large language model (LLM) solutions on Google Cloud's generative AI (genAI) technology — including the company's Vertex AI platform and Gemini models — aimed at redesigning healthcare administrative processes and improving experiences.

In an ecosystem characterized by increasing complexity and demands on healthcare systems, the integration of genAI solutions is a pivotal advancement, offering efficiency and responsiveness to the intricate web of processes within the industry. Harnessing the power of highly tuned models, these solutions are engineered to streamline administrative processes, accelerating the speed of operations while significantly improving the quality of care and services delivered to members.

How does it work?

The suite of healthcare LLM solutions addresses four high-cost workflows: marketing operations, call center operations (including appeals and grievances), provider management and contracting. For example:

  • The appeals resolution assistant is designed to transform healthcare appeals management by automating data retrieval, analysis, and interpretation. By streamlining subjective and error-prone manual processes, this AI-powered solution enhances productivity, consistency, and accuracy in appeals resolution, driving significant potential improvements in appeals management for healthcare payers.
  • The contract management solution optimizes healthcare contract lifecycle management by automating review, generation, and configuration processes. By eliminating manual errors, reducing inconsistencies, and boosting productivity, this cutting-edge solution could significantly decrease contracting cycle time and production errors for healthcare payers.
  • The marketing content assistant empowers healthcare payer marketing teams by automating the creation of engaging content across various topics, including product launches, corporate initiatives, thought leadership, and strategic partnerships. This innovative solution streamlines content generation, supporting consistent, high-quality communication to strengthen the payer's brand presence and reputation.
  • The health plan shopper empowers healthcare members to make informed plan choices by combining individual preferences, clinical profiles, and payer data. By integrating disparate information sources, this innovative solution streamlines plan selection and contributes to an enhanced overall healthcare experience.

On the record

"As we continue to build on our partnership with Google Cloud, we're working to keep clients in the healthcare industry at the forefront of AI-led transformation," said Surya Gummadi, EVP and President, Cognizant Americas. "By deploying innovative solutions built to address specific industry challenges, we aim to help healthcare organizations set new standards for the delivery of care and enhance the experiences of those they serve."

"The healthcare industry has an opportunity to apply AI to deliver more efficient and effective experiences for all stakeholders," said Amy Waldron, Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry at Google Cloud. "These new tailored solutions from Cognizant, utilizing Google Cloud's AI platform and Gemini models, can help reduce administrative burden, and streamline manual tasks in areas like contracting, operations, appeals, and more. Solutions like these not only improve operational efficiency, but also they can have a significant impact on satisfaction and access to care."

"GenAI's impact on managing health and delivering care can be significant, potentially improving how things work today and helping to design innovative new paradigms," added Rohan Kulkarni, executive research leader, healthcare practice at HFS. "The solutions Cognizant and Google Cloud developed to address the challenges imposed by healthcare administrative workflows could have a significant impact on both operational cost profile as well as consumer experiences. These are outcomes anyone would welcome."

The context

Google Cloud has awarded Cognizant "2024 Industry Solution Services Partner of the Year - Healthcare and Life Sciences" in recognition of its success driving digital transformations with healthcare and life sciences customers utilizing Google Cloud technologies, including AI.

Cognizant is a Global Systems Integrator partner for Google Cloud. Cognizant and Google Cloud are committed to privacy and security, backed by Cognizant's responsible AI principles, and Google Cloud's responsible AI approach, data governance and privacy standards. Access and use of data is appropriately protected through Google Cloud's reliable infrastructure and secure data storage that supports HIPAA compliance, and each customer's security, privacy controls, and processes.


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