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Operator of an online platform that seeks to connect users to trustworthy health and wellness experts
📍 Cairo, Egypt
Operator of an online doctor booking platform that also provides appointment reminders, reviews and video consultations
📍 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A tech-enabled primary healthcare center and a hub for continuous care and treatment, offering various medical services at affordable prices
📍 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A licensed telehealth virtual clinic that helps individuals lose weight and reach their ideal weight using SFDA-approved medical products
📍 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Operator of a digital platform that specializes in Person-Centered Care (PCC) through professional case management and care coordination
📍 Cairo, Egypt
Operator of an online platform offering mental health services online in Arabic
📍 Ramallah, Palestine
Operator of a platform for connecting patients and doctors that provides users access to convenient, affordable, and quality healthcare
📍 Kuwait City, Kuwait
Balsam United
A local health information system company specializing in the operation and management of all sizes of hospitals and clinics
📍 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
HT Works
Provider of various innovative solutions for better healthcare outcomes
📍 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Developer and operator of a mobile app offering quick and easy access to health services at a discount
📍 Cairo, Egypt

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