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Mental Health

Operator of an online platform offering mental health services online in Arabic
πŸ“ Ramallah, Palestine
A mental health companion for women during their motherhood journey
πŸ“ Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Operator of a tech-enabled proactive mental health platform leveraging community support and education
πŸ“ Beirut, Lebanon
Operator of an online platform that lets users connect securely and confidentially with licensed mental health professionals
πŸ“ Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Rafah Information Technology
Provider of cutting-edge solutions for the mental health and wellness sectors
πŸ“ Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Operator of an online portal for mental health with coaching, content and community for startup founders
πŸ“ Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Developer of an online platform for those who are feeling down, anxious, or overwhelmed with life matters
πŸ“ Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Shadana Yoga
An Arabic online platform that teaches stress relief methods and self-awareness techniques using Yoga, breathing techniques and Ayurveda
πŸ“ Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Arab Therapy
Operator of a platform providing Arabs all over the world with high-notch mental health services
πŸ“ Amman, Jordan
O7 Therapy
Operator of an online therapy platform offering online therapy, corporate wellness programs, and psycho-educational resources
πŸ“ Cairo, Egypt

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