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Operator of a mobile-enabled marketplace for pharmaceuticals, supporting industry's stakeholders to predict and overcome supply chain disruptions
📍 Cairo, Egypt
ZIP Healthcare
Africa-focused digital healthcare platform, providing pharmacies with a one-stop-shop supply chain solution
📍 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Operator of a peer-to-peer settlement and investments platform catering to the medical insurance industry
📍 Amman, Jordan
Operator of an online platform offering mental health services online in Arabic
📍 Ramallah, Palestine
A membership card that provides special offers and discounts from different healthcare service providers in Saudi Arabia in more than 20 specialties
📍 Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Blink Pharma
Operator of an online marketplace that allows the transmission and payment of orders from pharmacists to laboratories and wholesalers
📍 Casablanca, Morocco
Operator of an online dental marketplace serving dentists in Egypt and KSA
📍 Cairo, Egypt
Data-driven company with advanced services for pharmaceutical and healthcare business growth in the Middle East
📍 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Operator of an online B2B medical marketplace connecting clinics with medical suppliers in one place
📍 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Pharmacy Marts
A digital marketplace that connects pharmacies and medical suppliers to access medicine, supplies and cosmetics easily
📍 Cairo, Egypt

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