Startups and established companies shaping up the digital health market in the Arab World and elsewhere.

Operator of a platform that educates doctors and provides them with the latest updates and information about the medical and pharma markets
📍 Cairo, Egypt
Developer of easy-to-use digital solutions for the healthcare industry, enabling them to optimize their overall profitability and operational processes
📍 Alexandria, Egypt
Developer of a digital transformation platform revolutionizing healthcare and chronic disease management across the Middle East and Africa (MEA)
📍 Giza, Egypt
Operator of a GPS-enabled pharmacy benefits platform that makes it easy for chronic patients to manage their prescriptions
📍 Cairo, Egypt
DataClin Group
The first CRO in the MENA region specialized in clinical data management, biostatistics and medical writing
📍 Giza, Egypt
Operator of an online dental marketplace serving dentists in Egypt and KSA
📍 Cairo, Egypt
Docspert Health
A telehealth company offering medical consultations by international medical experts to patients in Egypt and MENA
📍 Cairo, Egypt
Developer of an Arabic fitness and nutrition app offering personalized body transformation programs
📍 Cairo, Egypt
Operator of an online platform that seeks to connect users to trustworthy health and wellness experts
📍 Cairo, Egypt
Operator of a digital platform that specializes in Person-Centered Care (PCC) through professional case management and care coordination
📍 Cairo, Egypt
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